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Buster Q

The future of

We have developed a seamlessly integrated user experience           INSTRUCTIONS
for your Buster starting from model year 2017. To facilitate a      All boat and engine related manuals are preloaded on
new way of boating, we’ve completely rethought the way you          your Buster Q unit. Additional video tutorials on mariners
interact with the boat. Inspired by the automotive and hand-        knots, boat handling, harbor maneuvers and safety are
held smart device industries, we have taken all key functions       also available. We bring instruction from the classroom to
and integrated them into one huge touchscreen. At the same          where it belongs; on the water.
time, we enhanced entertainment as well as safety- and train-
ing-related functionality, bringing it into the realm of the same,  SAFETY
intuitive user experience – the Buster Q.                           Safety is an integral part of Buster Q. In addition to easy,
                                                                    intuitive navigation, Buster Q can be updated depending
NOT JUST A CHARTPLOTTER.                                            on your needs; sonar and AIS receiver for vessel recognition
A COMPLETELY NEW USER EXPERIENCE.                                   to name but a few.

Not only is the Buster Q slick and cool-looking, it’s also a lot    FISHING
more powerful then you’ve come to expect for boat-mounted           The active fisherman can add on the progressive and ac-
hardware. Integrating features like navigation (Powered by          curate CHIRP fishfinder, that gives an accurate image of
C-Map), infotainment, advanced sonar functionality, Yamaha          the bottom and marine life.
gauges, WiFi, and over the air seamless updates, the Buster
Q is as high-tech as many laptop computers. Fulfil your             USER FRIENDLINESS
dreams – getting out on the water has never been this easy!         To simplify everyday boating, a remote control can be moun-
                                                                    ted on the steering wheel or steering console, to facilitate
ENTERTAINMENT                                                       piloting in rough seas – as you can operate Buster Q while
                                                                    keeping your left hand on the steering wheel.
You can wirelessly share your favorite music from your apps
with family and friends. FM- and Dab radio is available when
you need it. You can enjoy music on the water all day long, due
to the power saving progressive wireless features on Buster Q.


Local weather is always available. When necessary, you can
unlock new chart areas through the Internet connection. You
can also share your 3.5G connection through your Buster Q
hotspot. Updates and new functionality is enabled through
new software releases over the air.

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