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Enhance the communication
with your end user

Beneli’s smart solutions with NFC creates an interactive & flexible marketing and
enhances the brand communication with your end user in a whole new way.

From offline to online. Products with NFC- or RFID technology become smart, interactive and traceable.
And more valuable for consumers and brand owners.

Your communication with your end user enhances with a flexible and interactive brand communication,
where you quick and simple can change message during the product’s entire life cycle. You build loyalty
and will be able to connect the customer closer to your brand. At the same time, you can collect and read
data such as buyers’ behavior but also have the opportunity to traceability and product verification. All this
by combining your brand label with an NFC tag, a cloud-based marketing platform and a mobile.

Create engagement, inform, trigger purchase and build loyalty thru targeted campaigns and competitions,
guarantee product authenticity, share your brand story and table of contents. At the same time, you will
reduce paper usage which is better for both environment and budget. Advantages of digital marketing are many!

Make your products smart

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