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Security labels up to highest
 security level

    A major need exists as a producer to guarantee the authenticity and origin of the content
    and the product. Even more important when it comes to e.g. drug. Beneli develop and
    produce security solutions that protect against manipulation and counterfeiting.

    A safety label authenticates the product for the consumer, protects the brand of the company and the
    consumer’s health and safety.

    There are many different solutions security features and we have long-term knowledge and production
    for labels up to highest security level to protect products from manipulation and counterfeiting. Both
    visible and invisible for the eye. The label my me customer unified with, for example 3D effect and traces
    of void text or patterns on the label, packaging or enclosure if someone tries to remove it.

    The EU directive FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive, 2011/62/EC/) enters into force February 2, 2019,
    meaning that all prescription drugs produced thereafter must be labeled with original labeling and seal


! Approximately, pirated products are sold for $ 600 billion a year worldwide (2018) and there is a great
    need for authentication in many industries. Only pharmaceuticals are pirated worth $120 billion a year!
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