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E-health, a rapidly growing
area within Monitoring

E-health is an area within Beneli’s segment Monitoring, which enables real-time information
provision between care recipient and providers and healthcare providers. Monitoring and
diagnostics in the healthcare sector are predominantly in the US but also increasing in Europe.

What is the different between what is present today? Well, instead of large devices with cords, batteries
and data to be submitted and machined afterwards, small self-adhesive sensors, connected to the cloud,
perform the same task. Carriers and healthcare providers can read and interpret the information in real
time and, if necessary, act on it. Examples of users for these self-adhesive sensors are cardiac diagnosis
(caregiver) and fetal status monitoring (caregiver).

In collaboration with world-leading companies that develop the sensors to monitoring cardiac patients,
Beneli develops and manufactures the self-adhesive patch. The caregiver monitors and reads the heart
rate of the wearer in real time, while the patient lives his or her life as usual outside the healthcare en-
vironment and does not have to carry on impeccable equipment. The healthcare provider can diagnose in
real time as well as read if the healthcare provides health is rapidly impaired and need urgent help.

The American company Bloomlife offers sensors and applications that help pregnant women keep track of
contractions, the child’s heart rate and general well-being. Beneli, in collaboration with Bloomlife, has
developed a self-adhesive patch that together with a sensor is easily attached to the woman’s stomach.
The sensor sends data in real-time to the woman’s mobile phone where the information is read. The
Bloomlife sensor is small and tidy, sits around the clock and is worn under the cloths without being seen.
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